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iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile


iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile is a cloud-connected app that makes it radically simpler to survey, design, validate & share your Wi-Fi network design projects.Take it on-site with you to:
QUICKLY START NEW PROJECTS:§ Import a floorplan image from your mobile device§ Take a picture of the floorplan while on-site§ Draw a quick napkin design
ASSESS THE NETWORK’S PERFORMANCE:§ Run active surveys to test throughput§ Run passive surveys to test signal strength
DOCUMENT THE SITE:§ Capture images, videos, and notes on the floorplan with geo-located pushpins§ Annotate images with cabling routes and installation instructions
DESIGN THE NETWORK:§ Manually or automatically place Access Points on the floorplan§ Add network equipment and installation equipment on the floorplan§ Define your prediction area§ Run prediction on-the-spot (RSSI, Throughput, SNR, Overlap Zone) for 2.4GHz or 5 GHz
SHARE THE DESIGN:§ Save your project files (including all images) to the iBwave Cloud to access later§ Generate equipment lists for the installation team§ Generate close-out packages for your customer
And with seamless cloud-connectivity to the iBwave Wi-Fi® desktop solution, you can always be sure that your latest project files are available when you need them, where you need them.